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Trends of XR Hardware in the Industry


The many worlds of R’s are both converging and taking their distinctive turns. VR/AR/MR/xR. We have reached a point where XR is an industry on its own, akin to the Gemini stage before full on Apollo and the hardware has been the solid backbone that has been driving the “face-on” approach. We will be exploring everything from consumer headsets to industry use cases, input systems, authoring tools, and as much as we can fit in between.

Join this webinar led by Vahé Karamian (founder at Noorcon) and Taron Khachatryan (founder at Knoxlabs) to learn about the state of XR hardware, the undercurrents of the ecosystem, what is working and not, and where it’s heading.


  • XR hardware

  • AR vs VR industry use cases

  • Wearables, AI x XR convergence

  • Future of Immersive tech


Taron L. Khachatryan

  • Founder and Chief Scientist at Knoxlabs - the XR Launchpad (Launch, Discover, and Buy XR)

  • Built the first VR Marketplace, has sold over $30M of XR tech

  • Previous: co-founder at Rodin (build cross platform vr apps), Techstars

Hosted By:

Vahé KaramianPresident of VRARA Los Angeles ChapterCTO of Noorcon Inc.


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