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Automated Testing for XR Applications - The Key to Consistent Quality


Join us for an exclusive event as we discuss the challenges of Automated Testing for XR Applications.

XR promises a more immersive and connected digital world, where entertainment, education, and work are seamlessly integrated with our daily lives using the magic of immersive technologies. However, these experiences often fail to reach their intended audience or the full potential envisioned by content creators for one reason; Poor Quality.

Guest Speaker: Shane Evans, Co-Founder and CPO of GameDriver Guest Speaker: Scott Allen, CTO of Oberon Technologies and Vi Kellersohn, VP of Marketing at Oberon Technologies.

Hosted by Vahé Karamian - VRARA LA Chapter President

It’s the same reason some video games get great ratings while others with seemingly similar elements do not. XR applications, which are most often developed using the same technologies as videogames, are Immersive Experiences, and like videogames require a high degree of quality to maintain that immersion to keep the user engaged. When there are functional bugs or elements that are not fully developed, this quickly breaks user immersion. When that application is something more critical like a training simulation, or a digital twin, that break in immersion can carry a much higher risk than simply losing a player. In some cases, it can mean losing lives.

That’s why it is critical to fully test your XR applications, which can be much more daunting than it sounds. XR applications are becoming much more ambitious in scope, and like in video games that means there is far more testing that needs to be done than there are people to do the work. Which means we need to optimize our efforts.

Test automation enables Developers to focus on content creation and mechanics, and allows Testers to focus on the user experience without having to waste precious test cycles on repetitive manual testing just to make sure things are working. It gets feedback to the Developers much more rapidly and consistently, which means faster time to resolve any issues.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how test automation can save you time and money while helping to improve consistency and quality, ensuring your game or immersive experience is reaching its full potential. You’ll hear from a representative from Oberon Technologies, who are experts in delivering hyper-realistic VR applications for training and simulation, and how they embarked on a journey to improve their time to market, reduce development costs, and ultimately improve the quality of their applications by bringing automated testing into their build-test pipeline.


  1. Introduction

  2. How does testing and QA work in XR Applications

  3. What are some of the complications

  4. Existing tools that will help with test automation

  5. Live Demo

  6. Final Remarks


Shane Evans: Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, and Evangelist for GameDriver, Shane has been a leader in Software and Testing for over 12 years, helping hundreds of teams around the world build better applications. He is a career test automation engineer, published author, and frequent speaker at industry events. He is also a lifelong gamer with a passion for quality.

Scott Allen: the Chief Technology Officer of Oberon Technologies, a leading provider of expert services and software solutions. Scott has more than 20 years of experience across a broad range of technical disciplines in a wide variety of product development and professional services roles. In his current position at Oberon, Scott is responsible for maintaining and future-proofing the Information Technology systems utilized for internal infrastructure, as well as external delivery systems. Scott further supports client projects consulting on optimal systems architecture and performance enhancing features. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Mr. Allen applies a focused attention to detail to all aspects of his role as he creates and delivers strategies and policies necessary to lead the charge in a rapidly changing technological world.

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