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Building AR Games for Brands Advertisement - Part 1


Today, users seek active engagement over passive ad consumption. Brands and advertisers are embracing new formats by blending gaming, advertisements, and AR to drive engagement and combat ad fatigue.

These virtual workshops teach you how to pitch, design and build AR games using Facebook’s Spark AR platform.

As a participant, you’ll have access to individual and small group coaching, plus helpful resources to help move your own AR game ideas from concept to completion.

Join the workshop led by co-founders of AREYES Studio, Alexander Surnin and Ivan Pavliuchenko to learn how to onboard clients and create your first commercial AR game, from concept to development and implementation!

Workshop Topics:

Part 1 – Ivan Pavliuchenko – Onboarding

  • How to mastering effective communicate

  • How to come up with creative proposal

  • How smoothly onboarding the client

Part 2 – Alex Surnin – Building

  • The AR game production pipeline showcase

  • How to come up with creative concept

  • How efficiently works with patches and shaders (basics)

  • Workflow of assembling simple AR game

  • Project optimization techniques

Guest Speakers:

Alexander Surnin — over 10 years of game development experience. Worked on AAA projects for companies like Meta, Google, Hermes, Ford, Ubisoft, Wargaming, Gearbox, and EA Games.

Ivan Pavliuchenko — Over 8 years in digital marketing and product management. Worked as Head of Marketing Department in the top of 30 web-agency worldwide according to Awwwards. Helping clients like Meta, Hermes, Red Bull, Sony Music, L`Oreal, Rovio, etc seamlessly implement AR solution into their marketing campaigns.

Hosted By:

Vahe KaramianVRARA LA Chapter PresidentNoorcon Inc. | CTO

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