Mobile Development
Because mobile devices are an integral part of our society, custom mobile development is in high demand by businesses that want to join the mobile market. The emergence of wireless accessibility also leads to added marketing and innovation opportunities.
Most businesses are searching for an app developer with more than just development knowledge, they need a technology consultant who has a finger on the mobile market and truly understands how to design a winning mobile strategy tailored to their business.
Many existing businesses will find that having a mobile presence boosts brand exposure and sales while optimizing existing processes; entrepreneurs will find abundant opportunities to take their idea to market with the innovative solutions and services provided by our strategic technology consultants.
Mobile Development
As a company that started out of tech entrepreneurship, we are well equipped to help entrepreneurs start new mobile-related business, not only by developing an app but also by working hand-in-hand on business strategy and branding. Our consultants will work with you to build a robust, innovative application on time and within your budget. Because marketing and promotion is an integral part of any successful mobile app launch, we have an in-house marketing agency with the tools and expertise to maximize reach and discoverability.
Our collaborative project design methodology encompasses multiple team members from across the organization. Business Solutions experts work with you from the start to create a mobile strategy and ensure that your application is tailored to your business goals.
UX/UI specialists from our Creative team are involved throughout development, including requirements gathering, branding, wireframing, and user testing, to ensure that your application has an intuitive, top notch user experience.
The senior-level architects on our Innovation team solve challenging technology problems and provide insight on leading-edge options for your solution.
Finally, experienced Project Managers oversee development to keep your project on budget and on schedule.
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The language you choose for mobile development can be the difference between great success and tremendous frustration. There are options -- but only if you know which path you're on.
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The mobile app industry is an exciting area to keep an eye on. It has grown immensely over the last decade and it is likely that it’ll continue to do so. What does the future of mobile app development hold? What can we expect, given the current state of the industry and with knowledge of how it has evolved over the past few decades?
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Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sector. The mobile application market is arguably dominated by Google apps (Gmail, Maps, Search), Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) and Gaming apps (Angry birds, Temple Run). Big players like Walmart, Bank of America and Amazon are using mobile applications for branding, improving customer engagement, direct marketing etc.