TANK BLAST by Noorcon Inc.
Tank Blast is a fast paced action space shooter that will get you engaged from the first moment you start playing.
The dark forces of Kasper have penetrated and deployed their troops and army units on the critical interstellar hubs known as ISH. Their deployment has disturbed trade and commerce throughout the region.
United Stellar Government has called an emergency meeting to identify qualified personal for the task of defeating Kasper and its reign over the ISH.
Are you ready to start your interstellar journey?
Join the ranks by downloading and becoming part of the Alpha release. This is your chance to tell us what you want to see in the future builds.
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Development Progress
Build 14: Added level 6.
Build 13: Added level 5, continious improvements on game play and discussion about re-design of game assets. New enemy type introduced Bomber Tank. New player hardware introduced. Airforce bomber, can be called upon in time of need when the bomber is ready.
Build 12: Improvements and bug fixes from Build 11. Facebook Integration added.
Build 11: Added level 4, improved the pointing system, updated integration with Google Play Services and Apple Game Cetner. The player now has the ability to play the game from when they left of last. The player has the ability to replay older levels and enhance their score.
Build 10: Improved tutorial was implemented. The point mechanism and integration with Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center has been completed. The player now can keep track of their achievements and rank among other players. Improved UI for the new features and functionality. Introduced new game play mechanics limiting the number of bombs the player has and a re-fill timer.
Build 9: Added level 3. Info room for showcasing enemy hardware / type.
Build 8: Introduced the concept of looting after enemy has been defeated. Upgraded level walls to make them look and perform better. Introduced new enemy types. Enhanced Menu system. SoundFX volume has been adjusted. Initial implementation of Google Play.
Build 7: Added new level with more challenges. Enhanced the tutorial and the user interface to be more user friendly. Addressed some minor bugs reported by users. Creating Point System and Timing for each level. Added Analytics into the game. Preparation for game play ranking and social integration.
Build 5: The latest build for TANK BLAST bring several new key enhancements and additions to the gaming experience. We have added new enemy types, enhanced the existing level design and improved the menu system for the current Alpha release. The navigation and pathfinding has also been improved over the course.
Enemy Types
Enemy Tank (Type 1): very light and fast. Reload speed of 1 second. Each hit will reduce your health by 10 points.
Enemy Tank (Type 2): medium and fast. Reload speed of 3 seconds. Double barrel with 0.5 seconds shooting interval. Each hit will reduce your health by 20 points.
Enemy Tower (Type 1): Four nozzles with a reload time of 1 second. Each hit will reduce your health by 10 points. Easy to destroy.
Enemy Tower (Type 2): An extension to Type 1 with improved tracking. Tracking device gives tower the ability to focus on target and release high speed rocket with a reload time of 1.5 seconds. Medium to destroy.
Enemy Tower (Type 3): An extension on Type 2 with supper weapon addition. With four rocket release modules with guided missiles. Engaged target will take heavy damage. Once engaged, the target can expect to be hit with up to eight guided missiles. Reload time 10 seconds. Release time 2 seconds. Each guided missile will reduce your health by 10 points.
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