Noorcon Battle Board - Online Board Game

Battle Board was inspired by a re-collection of a game called Battleship. The game is developed as part of an educational series by the author Vahé Karamian and published by Noorcon Inc.

How to Play:

When the game starts, the player (you), will have the opportunity to place your pieces on your designated board. You have five pieces that can be placed either horizontally or vertically. Once all of the pieces have been placed, the computer A.I. will place its pieces and the game will start, giving the player the opportunity to make the first move.




Noorcon Virtual Reality

Noorcon Inc. is a Los Angeles Based Virtual Reality design and development company.

Noorcon Inc. is a consulting firm located in Los Angeles, providing application and content design and development using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. With great technological background in the software industry, Noorcon is working with partners to drive the next revolution in the computing industry. From entertainment applications such as games and immersive experiences to serious virtual reality application Noorcon Inc. has the creative and technological talent to provide you with a sound solution.

At the core, Noorcon Inc. is a software consulting company that has shifted its focus to provide immersive and entertaining products and services in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality worlds. We are also partnering up with local schools and universities to provide them with better learning experiences in the classrooms.

Our intention is not to just make another virtual reality experience, but to make a virtual reality experience that has beep impact within the community and the users of our systems. Providing them with better learning, physical and mental engagement with the content and software system.

For more information and inquiry about our services and products please send us an e-mail at:

For project needs, ideas and question, please contact

Noorcon Game Programming Articles

The following articles have been provided by Noorcon as a service to the community. The idea behind these articles are to help individuals to get started with programming concepts through game development. Additionally, we introduce the reader to Unity 3D which at time of the publication of these articles was a very useful and powerful game engine.

  1. Game Programming - Part 1
  2. Game Programming - Part 2
  3. Game Programming - Part 3
  4. Game Programming - Part 4
  5. Game Programming - Part 5
  6. Game Programming - Part 6
  7. Game Programming - Part 7
  8. Game Programming - Part 8
  9. Game Programming - Part 9
  10. Game Programming - Part 10

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Welcome to Noorcon Inc.

Noorcon Inc. is a one stop shop for the design and development of your business applications. Designing and developing turnkey solutions for your business and organization is our passion!

With the emergence of mobile computers and more and more powerful handheld devices it is critical to stay ahead of the curve by providing simple and sound solutions to your customers and clients. Our team at Noorcon Inc. has been working on providing such services to small and mid-size business all over the world.

We have setup shop to provide you with the best in the business providing all of the tools and services necessary to have a robust operational environment.

Server Technology and Development

  • Custom Development with Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, Java and PHP, Systems Integration and Custom Software Extensions for existing applications
  • Database Development with SQL Server, MySQL, Analysis Server, LINQ, ORM and OLAP
  • Content Management Systems, both custom and implementations that leverage leading platforms such as Telerik's Sitefinity
  • Software and Architecture Code Review for third-party feedback on your code quality
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Mobile Technology and Development

  • Native iPhone Application Design and Development
  • Native iPAD Application Design and Development
  • Native Android Application Design and Development
  • Native Windows Phone 7.x and 8 Design and Development
  • Native Windows 8 Metro Application Design and Development
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"The key to the future of success of any business is the seamless integration of systems and business operations."

Solutions for Small Business

Noorcon Inc. has put together a great introductory package for small businesses who want to get the latest technologies. These include Web, Mobile, or a combination of both Web + Mobile.

Web Only package provides a robust Content Management System (CMS) that can be up and running within 24 hours!

Mobile Only package provides support for designing and developing native applications for a specific mobile platform, i.e. iPhone, iPAD, Android or Windows Phone.

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Who We Are

Noorcon Inc. is a technology firm that provides professional services in the field of Information Systems and Information Technology. We are a Certified Small Business and 8(a) Certified Business located in Los Angeles, California.

NAICS Codes: 541511, 541512 and SIC Codes: 7371, 7379

Our team has a combined experience of over 50+ years in the field of software engineering, software validation, software testing, computer validation and verification.

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